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Your Gift Will Meet Changing Community Needs

Many donors place restrictions on how the income from their funds is to be used, leaving the grant-making decisions to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. If the intended purposes...

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Life Membership

Donors begin by completing a special application card and enclosing their first gift . Th e Foundation keeps a record of the contributions and periodically notifies the donor of the progress he or she is making toward becoming a life member.

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Your Gift Will Keep on Giving

The fund that receives your contribution will continue to benefit the community now and in the future years.

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How You May Give

The Wayne-Goshen Area Community Foundation is a vehicle through which individuals, companies, foundations, and charitable…

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Benefits to Our Donors

Your Gift Will Keep on Giving The fund that receives your contribution will continue to…

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What is the Foundation

What is Th e Wayne-Goshen Area Community Foundation?
The Wayne-Goshen Area Community Foundation is a community foundation established in 1998 as a not-for-profit corporation chartered in the State of Ohio for the purpose of servicing the philanthropic needs of the Wayne-Goshen Community Area.

Where Does the Foundation’s Money Come From?
The Foundation’s assets come from gift s made by individuals, companies and organizations interested in improving the quality of life in the Wayne-Goshen Community Area.

How is the Foundation Operated?
A 13 member all-volunteer Board of Trustees is elected by the Foundation’s membership to serve staggered terms of office. The Board elects officers who are responsible for managing the dayto-day operations of the Foundation and coordinating volunteer committees. The Wayne-Goshen Area Community Foundation operates without discrimination to age, race, religion, sex or national origin.

What Does the Foundation Do With Its Funds?
Funds are invested by a trustee bank, under investment guidelines established by the Foundation’s Finance and Investment Committee, subject to approval by the Board of Trustees. Some funds provide that only the income is disbursed, providing a continuing source of funding to meet changing community needs. The Foundation’s prudent management of its assets will generate annually to a variety of tax exempt organizations and individuals benefi ting the citizens of the Wayne-Goshen Area.