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Life Membership

How the Program Works
By giving $500 at the start or making a series of gift s over a period of time totaling, $500, the donor (or someone named by the donor) becomes a life member of Th e Wayne-Goshen Area Community Foundation. Donors begin by completing a special application card and enclosing their first gift . Th e Foundation keeps a record of the contributions and periodically notifies the donor of the progress he or she is making toward becoming a life member.

The Satisfaction of Being a Life Member

  • Involvement in an established and respected program of community philanthropy.
  • Participation in a growing endowment of unrestricted funds to improve the quality of life in the Wayne-Goshen Area.
  • Sharing the vision of men and women who founded the Wayne-Goshen Area Community Foundation and those members who carry on its work.
  • Being named a life member of the Wayne-Goshen Area Community Foundation.