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Benefits to Our Donors

Your Gift Will Keep on Giving
The fund that receives your contribution will continue to benefit the community now and in the future years.

Gifts Will Be Made in Your Name
You may choose any name you wish for you fund – your own or that of your family, a friend, or organization. Such funds are open-ended and may be increased at any time by additional gifts. Grants from your fund will always be recorded in the name of the fund – a lasting symbol of your caring.

Your Gift Will Meet Changing Community Needs
Many donors place restrictions on how the income from their funds is to be used, leaving the grant-making decisions to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. If the intended purposes of your gift become obsolete in the future, the Foundation’s authority to amend provisions of your fund will insure that the fund will continue to meet changing community needs into perpetuity.

Your Gift May Be Designated for a Specific Purpose
As your establish your own fund, you may specify its purpose or purposes. You may also indicate whether income only, or both principal and income, are to be spent.

Contributions Will Ease Your Tax Burden
Gifts made to the Foundation qualify for maximum deductibility for income, gift, and estate tax purposes. Those who create Donor Advised Funds receive a tax credit in the year your gift is given and then suggest distributions from the fund over a longer period of time.

The Foundation is Publicly Accountable
Annual reporting through an independent audit and filing of tax returns, public disclosure of all grant activities, and a broad based Board of Trustees representing diverse areas of expertise assures continued use of funds in the public interest.

All Contributions are Professionally and Prudently Managed
The Foundation’s Finance and Investment Committee guarantees sound and flexible funds administration, which smaller individual trust or private foundations may not be able to obtain. Because funds in a community foundation are pooled for investment purposes, donors have the advantage of diverse investment mix. The Foundation’s Trustees are elected for their integrity, competence, knowledge of the community and concern for its philanthropic needs.

Complete confidentiality for donors and their financial and legal advisors, if required.